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Rocking H Boots & Saddlery is more than just a name. It’s a way of life. All Original. All from the Heart. And we’re…ahem...fancy. We don’t just peddle leather goods, we pour our heart, soul and faith into every piece we make. You can shop with us at our storefront at Canton Marketplace in Canton, Texas where you’ll be greeted with a welcome wag by our furry mascot, Fancy, or you can buy from us here online. Either way, you’re getting a piece handcrafted with love from leather crafters who’ve been doing it for more than 30 years and with a love for people and life that is stitched into every fabric of our store.

And when we say we’re fancy, we mean it. Rocking H Originals uses only the finest leathers, fabrics and craftsmanship in the creation of our hand made bags, boots, saddles, saddle repair, moccasins, holsters, gun and knife scabbards, belts, purses, chaps, chinks and more! We even do custom work, where we invite you to put your heart into our works of art to create the piece that speaks directly to you.

You read it here first...

Life is too short to carry a boring handbag, and we absolutely live by that mantra here at ROCKING H BOOTS & SADDLERY.  Choose from one that we handcrafted with love or bring us your favorite Louis Vuitton and let us embellish it with custom goodness. 

Everything in our shop is made from the finest leathers and textiles, and we pour our hearts into every design and project.

Life IS too short to carry a boring handbag, and we can oblige.